So I've come to a descision, this isn't a complete what guitar thread as I have my main options sorted (all other guitars and opinions are welcome though)
So the main choices are:

Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty - £499
(With a Bridge Pickup Change)

Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded -£699

Dean Dave Mustaine VMNT - £599

So I have £750 to spend, so like I said all other suggestions are welcome.
I play in 2 bands, a thrash metal band and a heavy rock/bluesy band, so the guitar has to be able to cope with these 2 styles pretty well. I know the Dean VMNT probably isn't bluesy but I was thinking the active pickups would compensate for that so it would sound fine. I am willing to go used as long as it would be a good deal. I have played both the Epi and Gibson many times and have played an ESP Dave Mustaine but I have no idea how the pickups will sound and I know of nowhere that stocks a Dean Dave Model, Cheers
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I'd go with the Gibson, the problem here is personal preference and style, go to a guitar shop and do a little comparison between the gibson and the dean, I mean just try them both with the same amp settings.

One other thing, the last time I checked, the Dean VMNT has seymour duncan pickups, mustaine live wire or something like that.

Mustaine said that the quality is much better than his previous guitars, but I wouldn't really know, and I don't really like sig guitars, half the price is for the artist's name
Gibson for sure. I absolutely love my LP studio. Best part is...if you wait 2-3 weeks while browsing Craigslist you can get one cheap. I got mine for $550 used...with a hard case.
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