Dude..very bad recording...but the song is amazing!..i can hear what u guys are trying to achieve..i think maybe change the lead during the intro and verse...like extend it a bit instead of making it one repetitive phrase.....but dude i really understand what type of sound u r going for..well done
Nice song, but like dvanwyk said, really bad recording quality, particularly on the drums. Your voice is really good, it really suits the style/song. I also really like how well everything sits in the mix, I've been trying to get that right for so long. I think that the lead guitar in the verse is a little off. It's cool, but there's something about the timing of it just feels a little weird to me. Might just be me though. Anyway, good job!

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This is my opinion. Guitar melody is very good. Lead guitar melody is very good. Most of the guitar playing is good, but could be tighter in spots. I like the bass playing & the tone. Yes, the overall audio quality could be better, but it appears that you are fairly young; you'll get better with more practice. Vocal melody is lacking in my opinion (could use a greater variety & range of notes), and the singing is fairly pitchy. Singing with more emotion would help a lot. Belt it out man! At least in this song, it seems to me your strength lies in the guitar & bass. Keep at it man! Please review my music at this link:

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