In our most recent boy scout meeting we were trying to come up with ways to spice up the meetings and help scouts stay focused; my thought was using the PA system at the church to help communication and keep people focused. We have a fairly large troop and scouts aren't great about speaking loudly. Do y'all think it would be worth it to setup and use such a system; would it help keep chaos down?

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would it help keep chaos down?

I dunno. It could do quite the opposite, where people start shouting through the mics I guess...
i see it could work better than one dude shouting
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Well, why don't you try it?
I am an Eagle Scout and am currently in Sea Scouts, and help occasionally with a fairly large troop. We find that teaching the scouts to project is important, and part of public speaking. If the room proves to cavernous and the scouts voices are drowned out by ambient noise, give the PA a shot and see how it works.
Churches have a tendency to have MASSIVE ECHO so you'd really need to think about it how you set what, turns into incoherent mumble very, very easily.
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Boy scouts?

Jesus you guys are annoying, trying to sell me shit outside of wal-mart, obstructing the vending machines.
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I, too, desire a spicy meeting with boy scouts.
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