so we know that the recording quality is not great...it was recorded on a desktop with some basic recording programs we got on the internet!


let us know what you think! all criticism is much appreciated!

we also have other vids up check them out...but they dont have vocals on them!

thank you!
When you said the quality was bad i was expecting very bad, but this is surprisingly good. Very well done.

The guitar work is beautiful and the vocals sounds incredible. The guitar work compliments the vocal work and is very catchy. Well structured song, catchy and relaxing. It has a really nice vibe!

I would have thought that this was a professional band. If you make a cd I would definately buy it.

Good work
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thank you very much! that means a lot! we are hoping to get more songs, and better recordings soon!
thank you very much! we are just trying to get some plays and some feedback! we appreciate it!