01723665400 its on their website. and tbh i don't think they do, but give em a ring anyway.
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"Pre-Sales Support and Advice Only:

If you require advice or support on any of our products, please contact our sister company on the number below:

Tel: 01273-665400 (Select OPTION 1) Fax: 01273-699761"

That sounds like the number you want to call.
they have a website www.gak.co.uk, or there phone number is 01273 665400. these are from an ad in a magazine i bought, doesnt that they buy guitars in the ad. hope this helps.

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It probably depends upon the value of what you're selling; I doubt they'll take a Squier Strat off your hands but they'd probably buy a Prestige Ibanez.

Also, be aware that you'll probably only be given half the price of the "new" value of your stuff. And it'll probably be a credit note only.

TIP: Ebay.
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Yes they do. As do Brighton Guitars, which is tucked away in the North Lanes.

However, as they need to make a decent profit, you're better off ebaying your stuff, you'll certainly get a better price.
That said, you can use a guitar/amp as a part exchange sort of deal, so sometimes it's worth it.
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you are better off trying soundsgreatmusic.com or pmt both have 2nd hand departments.......if a store sells a item on your behalf they will charge you a admin and commission on the final sales price.....if you part exchange then there`s obviously no fee.