OK. i have a Jackson: JS32T Rhoads Electric Guitar. Iwas wanting to know if the Kirk Hammett EMG pickup's would fit on my guitar
I'm pretty sure they would yes. Unless I am mistaken, most humbuckers are fairly similar in size, if not identical.
thats a hard call, but why are you putting branded pups in an JS anyway?
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Yes, EMG's use the standard humbucker form factor, and there might be enough space for the battery since EMG's use smaller sized pots.

thats a hard call, but why are you putting branded pups in an JS anyway?

Some people do that in case if they want to get a better guitar later, but they wonna keep the pickups.
Because i feel the stock pickup's are not enough for the sound i want. I was gonna get the ZW emgs but was thinking the KH21 emg pickups would be better even though the ZW are cheaper.

An like the guy above me said when i get a better guitar ill wanna keep them.
As long as the guitar's routed for a bridge and neck humbucker, sure.

I assume you do have a very good high-gain amplifier, since it would be foolish and a waste of time, money and effort to install EMGs otherwise; but certainly you know that, don't you?
Yes, it will fit fine. My suggestion though is to trade the 81 for an 85 and put the 85 in the bridge. IMO it's a richer sound. You can also now custom order your pickup/control setup but I don't know how much more it costs. Good luck, I had the KH21 set for a couple years and enjoyed it (just moved on from the EMG thing).