I need some pickup advice fellow GB&C’ers. I am going to be starting a steampunk/clockwork guitar build (don’t worry I will post pics when I start actually building it, just getting all the parts together first) and I am not sure which pickups to go with. What I am looking for is a well rounded tone that will work for classic rock but can also clean up and sound great with just a little chorus, not really looking for a melt-your-face-off high gain axe (don’t get me wrong I like melting faces off as much as the next guy but this guitar is not going to be melting that many ).

The body is a mahogany Iceman I got from Warmoth and it has a maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, also from Warmoth. It is going to have a TOM bridge stop tail piece. I don’t want to spend more than $100 per pickup and am leaning towards a SD ‘59/JB configuration. Any advice you guys have would be appreciated.