I know I don't have complete right to compare the two, seeing as I have a LP studio and just got a Gibson SG Gothic. But so far I prefer the SG by far, both in terms of sound and playability. Sure the LP sounds thicker, but that has caused more problems for me in terms of articulation, where the SG shines

. The SG is brighter sounding, but in a pleasant way. The LP manages to sound more treble-y and harsh. Perhaps I should get the guitar set up properly or play a real les paul and sg before jumping to conclusions, but that is what I have gathered so far. I prefer the sound of the SG as well, it sounds meaner and has more character. The lp may be better for more music varieties but the SG just sounds perfect for rock.
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Yeah, I prefer SG's over Les Pauls.

They have great upper-fretboard access and thinner body, which I prefer over the thickness of a Les Paul.

I would like them better if they had thinner necks though.
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TS, I know this might come as a shock to you... but I have friends who don't even like Les Pauls!
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I dont like SGs the Flat face is a little strange when playing. they are light and a bit neck heavy. In truth Gibson is not all its cracked up to be anyways
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Is it okay to like SGs more than Les Pauls?
Is it okay to put an apostrophe in the plural of SG?

No, its a terrible thing.
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If you have to ask then .....no it is not. You must like a Les Paul more then a SG but not as much as a Wilshire or Melody Maker.Is this for real? Why did I ask, this is the internut anything can happen here.

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Both sound and feel different.

Why shouldn't it be okay?

I mean I like Teles, Strats and Godin LGs more than both SGs and Les Pauls.

Other guys likes Ibanez RGs and too many UGers are Schect0rz fanboys, but who cares?
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