My friend in the internet, who is good in guitar, told me that I lack the technique on pickstroke, attack and accent..he said (and my other friend) that my playing runs through straight line = no life

I know beforehand that there is something wrong with my technique since I can't come up with the sound I want.

I tried searching in Youtube but I can't get anything out of it. I need to somehow picture out how I should do this.

Here's how I sound like (right now). I only included one track..so just skip through it if it goes silent.

Here's the full track of the above: http://etherune.net/audio/sylpheed-beta_listen_dont_say_thank_you_instrumental

For the intro and first verse part, I like to sound like this dude: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MPcVlh6uEs
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Here is what I say. Capture the audio of the fellow you want to emulate on Youtube. Then slow the speed down. Just a little bit. Listen carefully to how he is doing the quick little bends. Focus just on that for awhile. Listen how he bends up to a certain pitch. Practice getting that exact control on the bends. Then focus on how he efficiently uses the pick strokes ...see if you can tab out or write down the notes. Then you can notate what kind of angle and attack he is using with the pick. Alternate pick? At that point you might want to focus on his use of the slight glissando effects of sliding at the end of a phrase or using a quick whip of the vibrato bar (it sounded like you had already picked up on that)
Breaking it down bit by bit and taking it a little slower. Cheers!
Tried to do that and I can't get much from it since I'm already doing the bends vibratos and (right hand techniques). Maybe I'm not getting the right pitch sometimes when I bend but I think there's something more than that.

A friend of mine told me that I need to damp some notes after I stroke it and there are parts that I should smoothly connect from a note to another note.

I don't know what is the ideal pickstroke, angles and attack. I just played where I feel comfortable since before. I know all the notes for the song so I don't need to tab them out.

I'm alternate picking on some parts but when I'm doing hammer on and pull offs (which is frequent for the verse part) I only stroke the string downwards.

That glissando seems interesting. Can you give me more details about it. I'm only doing vibratos (w/o the bar except for the quick whip you're talking about) since before

Can you rate my playing?

I also have recorded another one (different song) but the concept is still the same (this is a bit easier)

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I would say you are off to a good start!
Especially if you have a way of slowing down audio and analyzing someone's playing.
What I meant by glissando is just a slide in pitch. It could be achieved by vibrato bar or bending or sliding.
I don't want to overwhelm you but you should get Eric Johnson's total guitar video. He goes into great detail about picking with some good closeups of his right hand. Talk about an attention to detail! That guy has a great amount of good technique.
Basically you want to economize your range of motions. Don't waste energy with your hands. Learning to mute unwanted notes is also very important!