Crit as I listen. Intro is cool. Kinda Zeppelin-y. Digging the next riff too. Moving forward a bit, don't like some of the notes I'm hearing on the bass. Sounds off key or something. Still liking the multiple guitar parts though, even though I think some of the "tails" of some of the riffs could mesh a bit better. Solo was ok. Think it had room for improvement. I do like the multiple guitar tones for the solo.
Overall, Liked the guitar tones a lot. Very good piece of music. There were a few things that stood out to me, but all in all, a very solid song.
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Commenting as I listen.

I really, really like this intro. The harmonized lead part is the great. Cool, ear-pleasing verse (part with the octave). I don't really like those few lead notes added in. This little riff with the two guitar parts is awesome. Again, don't really like the lead note ringing as part of the transition. First solo: greeeat, warm, thick lead tone. I like the melodies and note selection. The only I noticed that sounded a bit off was that towards the end it got a lot less fluid than before, I dunno if that was intentional or not. Second solo: nice change from the slower first solo, great playing, killer scream. In regards to the bass being out of tune, I don't have headphones with me at the moment, so I'm stuck with no bass from my laptop speakers, however, I listened to this earlier and I do recall one of the bass notes not changing fast enough or something. Don't think it was out of key, just wasn't the root that was being played.

Overall this was a great song!
very well rounded song tiny bit repetitive but cool song i like the drums and the core melody very nice!
I enjoyed it, liked the main riff. It was repetitive, but any song is gonna be without a singer, unless it's an instrumental. Overall, very well done. Really liked the tones coming from all the guitars.
Neat intro. I would be careful about where the high pitched harmonized guitars come in, it seems a bit rhythmically awkward at times although it is free time. The first riff is catchy, and kickass! The mixing is really nice, the contrasting rhythm guitar parts really shine through because of it. Your drummer does some great stuff throughout. Be careful with the tone during the tapped melody/solo before it goes into that pumped up solo. It comes off as a bit thin and buzzsaw like. Might wanna crank the gain down and apply a bit of reverb and delay to it, and play it as cleanly as possible. The part right after that break is great, with a pretty solid solo over it. Overall it's really neat, great job!

If you get a chance would you give the single in my sig a listen? Thanks!
hey nice man, i enjoyed the listen, very catchy stuff. Intro is very neat, old school prog-like. The main riff after is very DT like. The song has nice and smooth transitions. The only things I wasn't a big fan of was that all the riffs revolved around the same pattern, you should switch em up a bit so they sound different and unique (Like what you did after the 3rd minute). And lastly, the song ends abruptly, or atleast feels like, some kind of ending riffage fade out seems appropriate for the mood this song is setting. Thats my 2 cents!!
i like this song and like someone said before me its gonna sound repetetive due to the lack of vocals. but overall my friend its a freaking beautiful song. i like all your work. you have a good singing voice and the quality of the music is 100% clear. but that is just me. Very well done.