K got my rc7 a while ago. Noticed it wasnt playing very well. The link below is of a few pictures that ive taken of the guitar and the floyd. Hope someone can help me out with this.


I bought the guitar on ebay and when i opened up the back, i found some tissue stuffed in behind the springs as u can see in the first two pictures. Dont know what thats about so if anyone has any ideas, let me know.
The 4th and 5th pictures show that the recessed floyd is not aligned with the body of the guitar and the back in tilted downwards.

Lol i can play guitar but im really not good with this whole setting up thing haha.

Any help would be appreciated
hmm how about tightning the springs? i have no idea why theres a tissue under the springs though. IMO low-profile floyds are the best
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If the trem is sinking into the body, you need to loosen the spring tension. Scew the springs out of the body a bit.

There's a sticky at the top of the forum for setting up FR's.

And you should research what you're buying before you buy, so you know what you're getting into. Learn to set up your guitars. It's very valuable knowledge as a guitarist, because if you don't know how, simple problems can end up costing you a lot more than they're worth.
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My guess on the tissues/gauze? The springs were probably creaky and the owner put it in there to quiet them. But yes, you'll need to loosen the trem claw a small amount, retune, and check how level the trem is. repeat until you're finished. I would take a big swing at it the first time, going two to three full turns and then quarter/half turns until you get it where you want.
The tissue is there to quiet the springs, as sometime they ring out and it's annoying.

As for adjusting, if you do it one string at a time it will be easiest. First, loosen the tension of the springs until the base-plate of the bridge is parallel to the body of the guitar. Now your guitar will be ridiculously out of tune. Now tune the lowest (thickest) string, ignore all the other strings right now. Once you have the lowest string in tune, whammy around a little, the bridge will come unparallel again, adjust the strings until the bridge is parallel. Keep doing this with just the first string until the bridge is parallel and the first string stays in tune. ow repeat that with each individual string, one string at a time, until all the strings are in tune, and the bridge stays parallel.

It will take some time the first few times you do it, and it will be annoying, just don't give up.

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Can Someone please help me,
I Also got a RC7x awhile ago, now i have to replace the Floyd Rose, but I cant find any Information which one?
Dean listed a FRTSS2000 but i can't find anyone at a store, is it the same as a FRTS 2000S, and if yes which  Locking Nut Size it got, R3 or R4?

Thank you for your help
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