Good evening GG&A,

I'm currently living away from home for almost a year, lodging in someone's house, so I can't really play electric guitar with a proper (ie loud) amp - so I could do with being able to play through headphones. Obviously there are many ways to do this: buy an amp with a headphone jack, buy a POD etc, or buy an interface and go through my PC. Thing is, I'd really like to give the DIY pedal building thing a go, but I'm not sure how well the above methods would work with pedals.

Just getting an amp with a headphone output would be simplest, but it would rely on the amp having decent speaker emulation (Blackstar?). PODs etc would also be simple, but I don't really need all the digital effects, and I wonder how good the actual sound quality of such devices is if the effects are ignored. Running the signal through a computer is something that definitely intrigues me - a USB interface could be a really good option (would only be the one track at once, so I don't think I'd need firewire), but I have no idea how well it would work with pedals.

Has anyone had any experience with stompboxes and headphones? All advice is greatly appreciated - cheers!

tl;dr: looking for the best way to use stompboxes through headphones - have no need for digital wizardry
i have a blackstar overdrive pedal with an emulated out and it sounds that good I actually gig with just the pedal going through a house PA instead of taking an amp
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ive used a tubescreamer and a delay pedal through a toneport ux1 interface. it took quite a bit of tweaking to get a specific sound (and for it to not sound like complete ass) when i was writing some post-rock stuff so it wasn't exactly every day use.

if you were to get something like that, it kinda makes effects pedals redundant to be fair. you're better off going in dry (lol) and using the onboard stuff so you dont clip or distort the incoming signal too much.

the line6 gear is definitely the way to go for cheap guitar to pc interfaces and modelling though.
for late night song writing i regularly go through headphones and my stompboxes

guitar>pedal board stomp boxes>multi fx unit (used as a headphone amp)>headphones

what you have to do though is disable all the high gain effects that you have on the multi fx that already exist on the stompbox board

e.g if you have a distortion stompbox disable all the distortion settings on the multi fx....and so on.

the other major difference with my setups is that when going through my normal amps i send my time based effects through the effects loop but when going through the headphone setup it has no loop so i set it up inline....this means your stompbox pedalboard
needs to be laid out in such a way that this only requires moving the minimum amount of instrument cables/ patch cables to facilitate a easy transition between the 2 setups.

hope that made sense