I'm in want of a good tremolo pedal and was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations. Budget is around £100.

Any good recommendations are appreciated.
Firstly, I hope you know the difference between vibrato and tremolo pedals. Secondly, I'm afraid, I don't have any recommendations
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I like the good old Boss TR-2 Trem, I hear Boss has fixed the volume drop problem with them recently.
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I don't mind my danelectro (yellow thing) for price, looks, and variety... But I haven't checked for true bypass. My other Danelectro delay w the button for darkening the echo is great but had to be put in diff signal path cuz it screwed with tone when it was off. But the (cheese omelet or whhatever it's called ) bargain tremolo didn't do anything noticable to orig signal, great for that organic KingoftheHill, or extreme HowSoonisNow, it's got a switch to from hard (very on/off) to soft (gentler, gradual volume)... Not stereo though, so if u need to pan between two stacks.... Only concern would exactly how slow does it have to go...