Its my first time doing one of these, hope you enjoy.

I bought a Squier Stratocaster a few weeks ago -- The Deluxe Hot Rails version. Squier Hot Rails Strat - Squier Website.
It was the black body/white pick guard version.

I submitted a review on UG, you can check it out -- My Review

Playability wise I loved it but,,
If you read the review I write how I wasn't entirely satisfied with the sound. Well, it turns out after a few weeks I also did not like the look anymore. I loved it in the store...
I have always owned black guitars and the white pick guard was really becoming an eye sore for some reason, The final nail in the coffin was being able to see all the black finger gunk on it under the strings. At least black hides it.

I thought about returning the guitar but of course they said it was 3 weeks old can't return it. Blah Blah blah...

So I figured I would customize it.

I did not like the neck headstock shape. The jumbo headstock style was just to big. (See the Squier link above.)
I also have always wanted to own a maple neck guitar.

So I set out to turn this into the David Gilmour black strat.

Spent time on Ebay and went to local stores, I could not find a 3ply - ALL black pick guard. They seem to only come in 3ply white/black/white.

Ordered custom Alnico pickups from GFS along with a neck and a 3ply pick guard from Ebay.

All arrived this morning. Spent a good hour soldering the pick guard together.
Ran into a few problems.
The pre-drilled holes for the tuners were too small and I had to widen them myself. Took quite a while since I did not have the proper tools.
But its finished.

I am going to have a custom decal made for the headstock. Below is my first draft of it, it might change.

I present you "Mary Louise"

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Quote by ibanezgod1973
if you are going for a gilmour look you might want to shorten the trem arm

Correct. In fact I also want to shorten it because it way to long anyways.
I just want to play the guitar for now. Maybe tomorrow I'll get the ol' hack saw out.

This Guide on how to make a Gilmour Strat is epic -- he even has bridge and tremolo angles. I am going to follow a few more steps from it.