would i just need to remve it from the guitar and take everything off it, then spray it?

or do i need to sand it down or something first?
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you have to sand down the surface so that the paint wont just peel off.

youll also need to seal it with some clear coats.

ive never done it myself so i dont know exactly what kind of paint to use
Coming from a painter for over 25 yrs. They have different products out now that bond to plastic. My professional opinion would be to sand it down with 120 grit sand paper or in between coats sanding sponge. Apply a primer for plastics and let cure(no rushing). Then apply your desired finish(allowing to dry) completely. The reason for the() is because the finish will be too soft to use straight away.
using a paint made for plastics is the best way. a primer made for plastics that is meant to be painted over will achieve a similar result. i suggest just finding the right color in a paint made for plastics, and have at it.
i just got a black can of spray paint made for plastics from lowes and in the words of jof1029 had at it, sticks great and doesn't peel ect
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how much do spray paint for plastics run for? same price basically as any other paint?

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When I paint plastic, I never sand it. I use an adhesion promoter, like Bulldog brand, and that makes the surface sticky for the paint to adhere to. So that there is no need for sanding. I sanded a Les Paul Pick guard a long time ago before I painted it, and you could see the scratches plain as day. So that's when I started using the adhesion promoter.
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