Hello, fellow AxSlingers.

I have a Ibanez JS1000 and was wondering what type of amp you think would go with it. Currently I use a Line 6 Spider 3 Half Stack which I'm content with, just wondering other people inputs. Along with effects pedals that you would recommened I'm interested. I usually just prefer the guitar straight to amp w/o effects.
Peavey JSX.

Er... what styles? Gigging? Budget? Are you actually looking at getting an amp or just curious?
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Yeah, im looking for a new amp. Budget isn't an issue.

I play heavy metal, death metal, neoclassical, and steve vai stype of stuff.
The Peavey JSX is, actually, a good choice for you then.
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A JSX is a good choice for anyone

That will work, maybe an ENGL, Diezel, Splawn, Baron KT88, Fortin.
I have a huge fear if rays.
Dudes...he has no budget! Throw out the big names!

TS: Along with the JSX, look at the Carvin Legacy...I haven't tried going all out metal with it, but it seems like it has enough gain on tap to handle that kind of stuff.
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Soldano SLO


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