I'm probably going to end up buying two of these four guitars. I'm playing in a band, recording some and playing live. The guitars are





I'm playing through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, with a tubescreamer and a big muff I plan on picking up for gain. I'm playing stuff like The Strokes, The White Stripes, The Black Keys, Band of Horses, Phoenix, Kings of Leon.

What two would work best there? Thanks guys
The Jaguar and a hollow-body guitar but with humbuckers..like an epiphone dot? Well idk rly. Maybe you should just try how they suit you.
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but i would change the jaguar to a jazzmaster

agreed. Jaguars with humbuckers arent that great for Indie. Jazzmasters on the other hand, are amazing.

Although I would get one of the hollowbodies too, most likely the one with 3 P-90s.
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I say the Gretsch and a Jazzmaster. And I play a lot of garage rock.
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jaguar hh's don't sound like regular jaguars. they're way thinner and super super punchy get a jazz master or a regular jaguar.
the hollow bodies would make a nice complement to it though. one really warm and one really punchy.
the 2 rivieras if i had to pick from those. but if i were you i would look into either a gibson sg classic (the p-90s are amazing) or either a gibson or epiphone sg junior. the lightweight sg body paired with a p90 just screams badass
jaguar and riviera
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I think I'll end up getting the Gretsch and one of the Fenders, I really like the Gretsch. And I want a guitar that can do hard rockish stuff if need be. So, Jaguar (non hh) or Jazzmaster?
And am I making a really bad decision by not getting a hollowbody?
Not exactly helpful, but I'd choose one of the hollow-bodies and one of the solid-bodies, for variety and such. I personally really like P-90s, so I'd go with that red Riviera and then probably the Jag, but them I love Fenders so I would say that

You tried/can try any of them out?
I've tried the Epiphone with the 3 P90s. IMHO, it's pretty useless unless you're playing jazz or BB King-esque clean blues. I tried it with several amps and really tried to like it but I didn't. Great cleans, that's about it.

That being said, I play a lot of the same music as you and if I were you I'd get the Corvette and a Jazzmaster. But hollowbodies are a lot of fun too.
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