im looking into getting a cheap interface for recording guitar at home.

Currently im using cheap mics into my onboard soundcard. (I hear you cry with pain) And recorded into audacity.

This is for home recording, im not looking for something expensive or elabourate, i dont plan on getting new mics at the present, because without a good interface to start from its pointless.

I need something capable of plugging in XLR (for when i eventually get a shure) and regular 1/4" jacks for mics/instrument, (though i personally wont be plugging my guitar directly in, and both my mics have 1/4" plugs atm). Preferably a few channels. USB plug and play.

Im talking for less than idealy about £70/80. Im not expecting profesional quality. I just want something that would provide better quality than what i have currently and has built in preamps for mics, as well as gain/level controls.

Software i can get from college, im starting a music tech course next month.

This is what ive been looking at
(looks cool, but i dont know if itd be suitable for what i want to do.)

(no proper mic inputs, and i dont think it has a preamp for mics)

(single channel, and i dont know how the instrument preamp would work with a mic...)

Seems like itd do the job, but only one channel.

Hits the spot, but i dunno what the view is on these


So any help/direction/guidence for a recording n00b?
i'd recommend the M Audio Fast Track as i used the Fast Track Pro and have had no problems with it. Also have a look at Line 6's Studio Pods, they are ment to be pretty good and come with a copy of Pod Farm, which is also ment to be good.
OKay, ill keep in mind the maudio cheers.

The line 6 isnt what i want really. I want something for recording from my amp and pedal board, rather than plugging my guitar direct in and using software to edit the signal.
im not really a fan of the USB mixers, so my recomendation would be to not get those. mostly personal prefernce, but most people seem to agree. its better to get the interface, and then use your DAW to set levels and such.

from the list you have there, my recomendation is the fast track. i had one of the older models and it was very solid. ive got an m-audio interface now and the thing is great.

in the same price range, there is also the emu 0202. never tried it, but i was looking at emu stuff at one point and they seem like a good quality brand. ive talked to a few people that like thier stuff as well, though usually discussing the higher end stuff.

if you really want multiple mic inputs, i suggest either used, or saving up a bit more. the fast track pro or focusrite saffire are both a bit more, but two preamps is something you will probably end up keeping and using for longer.
Ah good suggestion, i forgot about eBay.

Do you know how the Maudio instrument input responds to regular mics? Ill probably just pick up one of them for home recording.

Since im going to have access to digital and analogue fully specced up studios in college, doesnt seem worth it.

Ill check out some reviews on the Emu thing.

Do you know anything about the Alesis IO2 i linked too btw. Im guessing it counts a mixer rather than interface though.
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