They're a brilliant band!
(possibly my favourite experimental metal band right now!)
Everything from soft, engaging post-rock to hardcore/metal influenced songs.

You guys should really check out Sea of the Dying Dhow. If you like that, get the older stuff.
Oh and they're working on a new album! It should be pretty amazing seeing as their last release was 2007.

The label has some other great experimental bands as well!

Basically, *shels are awesome...check em out.
I only listined to a few minutes of "Water".If it's a good representation of there sound then i don\t think it belongs here or hardcore.Maybe to the other forum or something.
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I was gonna make this thread today....and then searchbarred.

How is it that so few people know of *shels?
Listening to the Youtube link you posted, pretty good so far, really dig the acoustic guitars.
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People who dig *shels should check The Pax Cecilia, similar sort of awesome.

I'm listening to them right now.

^ Give the album a listen. From start to finish.
No time, plus I can't download, and don't feel like streaming an album when I have so much new stuff to dig through
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We're better than Mexico cuz we rule USA USA USA

Well...whenever you get a chance then.

I'm actually really glad they're taking their own time to finish the new album. That way i might even be in the US in time to catch the tour!
I got really paranoid about bands breaking up after Isis did.
Gah, don't remind me. I would have gone to a show on their last tour, but my friend's parents didn't let him drive
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We're better than Mexico cuz we rule USA USA USA
I remember checking these guys out a few years ago...completely forgot about them. Thanks for the reminder, I must get an album. They are really good.
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Listened to the album again today, boy is it tasty.

Have you heard Laurentian's Atoll?
It's friggin epic as well....all of the songs on there are really amazing!
(and it's got the full version of water as well as the songs from the wingsfortheirsmiles EP)
There was an update on their fb which suggested that the album is complete or close to it.

I'm hoping for a December release!
(optimism optimism optimism)
Aaaaand yet another bump

the album is going to be released June 27th.

It is called Plains of the Purple Buffalo (this was known)
[giant artwork at the end of this post]

They've released 2 songs from it so far

Vision Quest

Journey to the Plains

and the CD's up for preorder now

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no one has realized the beautiful BEAUTIFUL layers of this band yet.
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It's amazing, but pretty far from being metal.

They are Post Metal leaning heavily towards Post Rock. It is technically correct to call them either as they are somewhere inbetween. They are most certainly not meant to be in the hardcore forum though.

If you want other examples of post metal, look at Pelican, Les Discrets (okay, post black), and Giant Squid.
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