To the only luthier in my state within 70 miles!

For those who don't know I just got a Seagull S6. Action was pretty high. I didn't want a noob adjusting my new guitar(myself included), so I took it to a luthier in South Jersey. It's a little more than I expected to pay for a setup but this guy is a pro so you get what you pay for right?

He adjusted the truss rod a bit and said he wants to let it sit for a day or two to adjust. Hopefully I can pick it up on Friday. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted with the results!

Edit:: not complaining about price. Seems a very reasonable price for a pro setup. I just have a knack for underestimating how much I'm gonna spend. Such is the nature of having hobbies.
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I had an s6, but my brother stole it. It was an incredible guitar.
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Who did you take it to? I was thinking of having my Seagull set up and I live in Cherry Hill.
South Jersey Guitar Repair in Collingswood. It's the only guitar luthier I could find around here. I had emailed a violin guy in Haddonfield and he said he didn't do guitars but recommended South Jersey. I'll let you know how it goes.
Where do you live that you're 70 miles from Collingswood? Just curious because l live in Mercer County. I've taken my Takamine to a guy in Morrisville, PA (Bucks County).
I'm not 70 miles from collingswood. I said that was the only one IN MY STATE that was within 70 miles

I'm in in south south jersey.
Not exactly sure yet. I think it's $50 plus strings. I called today and he said he still working on the neck. He likes to give it at least a day after making any adjustments to it. He said call back on Monday. Dang I wanted to play this weekend. Oh well I'd rather have it setup right.
i like that he's waiting and letting it settle. you might wish you had it right now, but doing the job right is worth a little more time.

btw, silver8ack - did you get my friend request?
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Sheesh 70 miles? In all honesty, you should have learned to do the work on your own in that time.

Quote by patticake
i like that he's waiting and letting it settle.

I don't, because that waiting is a waste of time. I'm shocked that a luthier would think otherwise.

That isn't to say he won't do a fine job on your instrument (or that you're a dummy for going through the hassle of getting it to him), of course. It's just that the undertaking of paying for work is much more drawn out than teaching yourself - by a long-shot. Next time take a few minutes to learn what's going on, fix it yourself, and skip over the big headache. It's remarkably easy stuff.
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Sorry, you misread my post. WITHIN 70 MILES. He's like 20 mins away. The next one is 70 miles away.

And yea, I could've done it myself. I've setup guitars before (electric). But I believe the nut needs to be shaved and I don't have the tools to do it, and I've never done it before so I don't want to practice on the only acoustic I have. I also don't want to practice sanding the bridge on the only acoustic I have. I plan on doing all maintenance from here on out on the guitar, but I wanted it professionally setup to begin with.

And how can it be a bad thing that he lets it wait? It would make more sense for him to tweak the neck, lower the bridge, slap some strings on it, and send me on my way? Not sure about that.

Disclaimer:: I do have another acoustic, but I'm selling it.
I got it back today. It's mangled and messed up.


It's a freakin dream. The action is perfect, it's pretty low, but there's no fret buzz unless I just smash the strings.

There is no freakin way I could've set it up like this. The nut is filed down real nice and it's angled for the lighter strings.


To anyone in south jersey or near it I recommend this place. South Jersey Guitar Repair. I really can't believe how much nicer the guitar feels and plays now.

PS I have no affiliation with them
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shameless bump...

I mean..

I'm suprised no one wants to chime in and tell me that I could've done this good of a setup for my first time ever trying on my brand new guitar

Moral of the story... get your guitar setup by a reputable luthier...unless you are experienced.
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