For a class, I need to deliver a 7-10 minute speech. What are some famous/great speeches from either real life or movies? It can be over 10 minutes because I can cut parts out but no less than 7 minutes please. And if it's from a movie, I'd prefer is most of the time, only one person is talking but there are ways to cut around a sorta dialogue. Thanks :]
First thing that comes to mind is Braveheart.
Don't know why, I've never even seen it.
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I have a dream...

And watch the movie The Boondock Saints.

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My friends. This is no time to consider ourselves as anything but equals. For tonight.

*Pause to take a deep gulp and brush away potential tears*

Tonight is the night that we have lived for, and it is the night we will surely die for. If legends and songs tell the tales of heroes, what will our songs sound like? They will be beautiful, my friends. Beautiful, just like our dreams and our visions. As beautiful as this world and the just people in it.

But is it right of us to deny this beauty? How could anybody be as incorrect as to deny this amazing gift?

Which is why we must fight. Which is why we must lose ourselves for the ones we love. So that someday, they will never have to lose themselves for anybody else.

This... is the last fight.

I don't have any suggestions, but if you want I can come and sit in the corner, then stand-up and applaud when your speech is finished.

I will expect payment beforehand, and it's non-refundable even if the rest of the class don't join in.
Fuck it. It's almost 18 minutes, but it's damn good. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouRbkBAOGEw

Drive! Drive on down the field, men of the scarlet and gray...
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σx σp ≥ h/2
TS, whatever you do, don't ruin a good speech with poor delivery! Half of a good speech is the way it is given.
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