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Sunday 13, Monday 14, Tuesday 15 March 2011 (as far ahead as you can book now)

All 26.64€ for a flight Copenhagen to Paris.

Just fly. So much cheaper, quicker and more convenient
For that price, you might as well get an InterRail pass.

I'm struggling with Google, but looks like your best bet may be Eurostar to Brussels, then go from there.
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could i rent a car?

Why cant you fly

It's like $30 for a under 2 hour flight. Or spend hundreds/thousands on days of travelling on a train/car.

Unless you're on some epic road trip or something
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Ha no

The train would be fricken awesome isn't it like super fast?

you can get a rail ticket for like £600 i think which basically is all european trains as many times as you want, wherever, whenever for a month. which would be handy. i remember my history teacher telling me about it because he did it during the summer holidays back in 07. but flights are SO much easier and quicker and cheaper. just don't have more than 32KG of luggage or they'll charge you for extra.
and some car rental places don't let you take the car out the country. however others do so check if you're gonna do that. in fact, it might be easier/cheaper to BUY a cheap car (second hand) and use that so afterwards you can sell it somewhere and get some money back. they did that on top gear and got some nice cars.
Belief is a beautiful armour but makes for the heaviest sword.
Train service depends. In France we've got pimped TGVs on some lines, but dunno how far the network depends. We should probably try and wean ourselves off flying, and trains are far less stressful, but the cost will definitely be less unless you're lucky.
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Im only going to be there for 9 days.

Taking trains around Europe will take up like, 3 of those days
Damn, I just checked the SNCF website (French rail) and it's the first time it doesn't propose any date when I hit enter. I guess the company doesn't have contracts all the way to Copenhagen, so I guess you'll have to mix several separate train trips to get there.

Check InterRail.


I'd fly if I were you. Train trips are super fast in France, Germany, Italy and Spain and between these countries, provided you travel between the biggest cities. But Copenhagen to Paris requires you to pay a trip to Germany, cross it all the way to France and then close the remaining kilometers with the French TGV.

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I could stop in hamburg and brussels if i drove but would I get shit at the border with the rental car

Nope, you wouldn't.

The trip would be a real pain in the ass, though. As in, very long and tiresome. And those German autobahns... you'd just get psychologically raped by huge Mercedes cruising at 160mph when you don't dare to.

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Interrail is a good idea aye.

You're not limited to the one route/journey and it's valid in most all Europe.
Even if just wanting to go Copenhagen to Paris, Interrail's youth ticket 5 days travelis £140.