Okay, so i would like to get a 5 string to compliment my brand new Traynor rig, and also the fact I've had the same bass for two years is a factor lol. But some of my band mates say 'it's a waste of money'. I don't think so but i was wondering what other bass players opinions are on it. I play indie punk and metal in my bands just so you guys know. Thanks in advance!
A five string bass simply has a larger range than a 4 string bass. It's going to feel different than a 4 string, some people like it and some don't. To me, 5 strings are more comfortable to play with both my left and right hands. I rarely even use the low B string, but I still play a 5 string. On the occasion that I need to go below an E, I'm grateful that a 5 string is convenient, and the rest of the time I don't even notice the extra string.

I didn't realize that there was a huge price difference between 4 string and 5 strings... Meh o.O

It's personal preference. If it feels good in your hands, I say go for it.

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Go for it. I see no reason why anyone but you should have a say in what gear you choose to use.
Try both out.
I like both, the low B is also good for convenient reach of low range even if that range is not below the low E, like for improv and sweeping. I don't care really about the thicker neck, doesn't bother me. Just opinion.
I like 5 strings a lot, never owned one, but the necks are very comfortable in my opinion. I know a bassist who plays a 5 string and NEVER plays the Low B string, it bugs me but it's all personal preference. I also find myself playing with my fingers a lot when I play 5 strings, the B string is a very nice thumb rest. I'm looking for a 5 string because I like the range, you get that extra tone that I find a lot better than just getting thicker strings.

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Go for it. I see no reason why anyone but you should have a say in what gear you choose to use.

And he's just asking for opinions, not what kind of bass he should get.

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i own a 5er, but i found the low B less then useless so i restrung it E-A-D-G-C (sometimes the high C will be tuned B) it gives you a wider range but in the opposite direction a low B gives you.

I tend to play the higher registers so the high C works perfectly.
Thanks for all the replies guys, I guess its just up too me to try some out and see what I think.
I just got my first five string bass a couple of days ago and I found that the transition isn't hard at all. And it's really nice to be able to hit a low Eb, D, or even a C without drop tuning at all.

I say go for it.

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I find myself playing E on my B string a lot. I like the tone of being fretted higher on the neck than I like the tone of being open a lot of the time. especially when playing punk.

and B string > pickup for anchoring. so much more comfortable.
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It also seems like it'd be easier to apegiate (wrong spelling lol) chords with that extra string
I played a 5 string at a guitar center before I decided to buy my 4 string. It's nice having the low B string, but I like the 4 strings more.

I was told the 5th string is only there to make the lower frets more accessible to playing so you can more in range of the of the first 5 frets on the E string

I'd rather play in Drop B on a 4string anyway lol.. B F# B E.. oh yea..
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I think that you should try it and see what you like, because I went from a 4 to a six and love the feel of my sixer... the neck of most 4 strings are too skinny for me.... as crazy as that sounds. So just see what feels good to you, if you like it then go for it. My band mates told me a 6 string didn't seem useful, but now it's helped out quite a bit. So don't let them scare you out of it. Just because they can't see an immeadiate use for your 5th string deosn't mean that you can't find one.
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