This is just the instrumental to one of the songs i'm recording for my solo project.
Soon i'll add vocals too! Hope you njoy it! It's on my profile... posted a link at the end of the post!

I had alot of fun doing it. I've never done such thing, pianos, cheezy melodies and synths <3, i'm mostly metal/hardcore guitarist but i tried something new and i think it worked out great!

C4C, bros <3

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    Woah dude nice song! This song is a nice and eclectic thing of all the genres you mentioned. I loved the harmony riffs and I totally loved the metal break down, great great stuff man. All you need is some kickass vocals on this and I would totally buy this song Oh yeah dude, the solo is really nice, its very trivium-esque. GREAT JOB BRO!!!!!!!!

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    Pretty cool, nice melodies! The only thing I can't stand is that freakin' tambourine or whatever it is. I'd really cut that way down in the mix, it's overpowering everything! Cool bridge/breakdown section. Diggin' the little harmonized parts. Nice solo! I liked the little jazzrock fusion feeling clean solo a lot too! Solid song over all, looking forward to hearing it with vox.

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