Good amp/Bad amp/Meh amp? Why?

Styles I play: Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Grunge, and every-so often a little Funk.

Tones I like: David Ellefson, Frank Bello, Jason Newsted, Lemmy Kilmister, Duff McKagan. (Tim Commerford and Justin Chancellor too, but I know how "impossible to replicate" their tones are so yeah.)

Picking or Finger Plucking: Usually picking (my originals have been written pickstyle) but can also handle fingers most of the time. But yeah, mostly pick.

So, repeating my question:

Good amp/Bad amp/Meh amp? Why?

PS: If you need to know my current gear its in my sig.
Current Gear:
Peavey Zodiac DE Scorpio (Bass)
Yamaha RBX-170 (Bass)
Boss ODB-3 (Overdrive Pedal)
Line 6 LowDown 150 (Amp)
It is a good amplifier and plenty loud. One example I played seemed to distort as the volume was raised, but it might very well have been just that one. It should be a good amplifier for the kind of music that you perform.
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My feelings on hartke are that you have to spend a lot of money if you want a good sounding one. But the good sounding ones are really good
^^ There lower quality stuff sucks the testicles big time. The HA series is my favorite, the LH is ok IMO, the sound of the LH is much better with active basses and such.

essentially the VX3500 is a combo amp combining the cab I use and the head more powerful than I use, so, I'm gonna suggest it, with the ten band EQ you can pretty much dial in a tone useful for any situation and be able to tweak it enough for your own personal touch, and it's transparent enough so that if your buddy picks up your bass, the tone wont be very similar.
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