I have a Dean From Hell and a while ago the Locking nut lost it's runners on the screw-hole at the top. Therefore I can no longer lock the top two strings. I've been searching forever for a replacement nut but can't find any that fit properly. I want the proper Dean one, or one the same size and shape. Can't see anything on the Dean website. Any clues?
ParasiticTwins wrote:

Words cannot describe how excited i am... but 'not' probably sums it up best.

thats where i got mine for my razorback.

the shipping is more expensive than the nut itself surprisingly. and only like US$0.26 for the screw so you might as well buy a few just in case so you can save $5 on shipping for next time


hers direct links



...another EDIT:

lol its a floyd rose right?
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