okay so iv been playing for 7-8 months now and i think i am ready for a new guitar. i hav been thinking about getting a jackson dxmg. many people from youtube say the floyd rose is crap but there are no complaints on any of thr reviews(besides replaceing strings)
any one have any thoughts/reviews on the jackson floyd rose
IMO, They're solid. Hold tuning pretty good. They're not like Original Floyd's, but they're still great trems.
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They're pretty decent trems, if kind of stiff. Don't expect to flutter or anything with them.

With that being said, if you don't know what you're doing with an FR you'll probably be about ready to kill it as soon as you go to change tuning or change strings, whichever comes first.
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The newer ones they rolled out around 2006 are pretty good. they're black in color. The older ones (always found chrome plated or satin with Duncan Designed pickups on Pros and EMG HZs on the MGs) aren't quite as good. These are still found on the X series today. I'd rather have a used DKMG rather than the DXMG. Better trem, better pickups, better value.
yeah the older Jackson LFR's JT580's or whatever the hell they are called are solid Licenced Floyd's you can't get much of a flutter or anything like that out of them but they are stable hold tune well and have decent sustain. I recently swapped mine out for a Gotoh and it's the shiznit now. so if you want something with a decent trem go for it.
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I have one on my Jackson DX10D Dinky and is is great. Never goes out of tune, and just recently replaced the stock block with a brass block. Sounds great now.
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heres my take on a JT580. You can go find my thread on my KE3 Kelly. Its been 4 months since i had the tremolo. Everything stays in tune very good. Its no made in germany floyd rose but it gets the job done. No problems has happen since i got the guitar. Nothing to worry about so go for it
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JT580 is okay, when I played on a jackson with one it seemed alright, its worth noting that they directly swap out for a gotoh replacement
My friend owns a jackson and from my experience it was fine most of the time. A little stiff compared to the original FR on my guitar but it's fine.
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the trem on the DK2M is pretty good

i once went a whole month without tuning it (partial laziness aswell...)

it is a little stiff b ut otherwise its a pretty decent trem