I'd like to give a big **** you to the staff at ultimate guitar.

****ing 2.99 iphone app for something that's free?

I would just like you to know

that I Installous'd the **** out of the mammoth shit you call an app and I have never felt better about myself for stealing software, which ****ing sucks by the way. Your app doesn't even have guitar pro after I clicked on a guitar pro tab and that link came up, IMPLYING YOU ****ING HAVE GUITAR PRO.

I stole your app.

and I will be instructing my friends to steal your app. Even the ones that don't play guitar. I will also probably delete the app, then steal it again, then maybe delete it and steal it again, just to feel that overwhelming satisfaction I get knowing that I'm giving you the shaft, in the name of all the innocent unjailbroken iPhone/touch user guitar players that you gave the shaft to.


Smoke weed errday brah.

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