It doesn't suck, but you'll want to ditch it asap.

If you can already play a bit, I'd STRONGLY suggest saving for a little longer and buying something in the $200 range. I know it's only a $50 difference, but that's usually enough to buy you a solid top, and woods you've actually heard of. Fender, Epiphone, and tons of other companies have good guitars in that price range. If your budget is thin, or you just plain don't want to buy another guitar for a few years, trust me when I say that a little extra money for a solid top and decent woods goes a long way, especially when the guitar has been broken in.
I do not think this is a bad choice. However, I have not played this guitar so I wouldn't exactly know what it sounds like. But I do know that Yamaha makes a starter pack that has the Yamaha F325, a gig bag and other small accessories that will help you get started. http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Yamaha-GigMaker-Acoustic-Guitar-Pack?sku=519040
Or you can just get this guitar for 150 by Yamaha, with a higher quality guitar, rather than all of those other stuff you might not need: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Yamaha-F335-Acoustic-Guitar?sku=512940
It's hard to find a guitar for 150, as you don't have a ton of options. You might find a better choices with the budget of 200 dollars. Yamaha FG0700S is an excellent choice for that 200 dollar range, as it has a solid top which isn't offered for much lower prices. Fender CD-60 is another option, http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-CD60-Dreadnought-Acoustic-Guitar?sku=513903, but it doesn't have the solid top as the Yamaha, so the sound probably won't be as open and full.

Shop around Musicians Friend.com, they have a ton of neat stuff. But, if you have a choice, grab a friend and go to the Guitar Center or Best Buy (with musical instruments) and tell your friend to play some to see which sounds better to you. That'll be a lot better as you do not know what you're getting out of the box from the internet (and most probably from China.)
thanks guys, I forgot to say I've been playing regular electric guitar for 3-4 years, but its my first acoustic. Out of the Yamaha FG0700S or Fender CD-60, which is better? 200 is fine, I would like to go above it but classes are starting soon, and I gotta save up for books lol. thanks again!
SiKh22, the Yamaha FG700S is among the most frequently recommended guitars in its price range. The Fender... isn't.

I really like Fender Strats. I'm even more partial to Fender Telecasters. But Fender acoustics just seem... meh. Even if they're not bad, they're nothing special, either.

Naturally, guitar choice is a personal, subjective thing. Individual guitars of the same model may vary. There are probably a few terrible FG700s out there, and some excellent CD-60s. Cigarette smoking may be hazardous to your health. Etc. (Included, because I suppose someone out there might love his Fender CD-60 and take exception to my opinions.)
the yamaha fg700s - absolutely. solid top, yamaha's quality build and gloss finish. sounds even better with better strings. i haven't found anything as good at that price, and i've tried a LOT of guitars.
thanks guys! going to order it within a few days. ohh one last thing, do I have to use different picks on the guitar, I use the Jazz III's.
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congrats, and be sure and let us know when it arrives

use the picks you prefer. my husband uses the same picks on his les paul and every acoustic in the house including the ovation, the cargo and even the 12 string. if playing with your picks doesn't feel right on the new guitar, chances are you need different strings than the guitar comes with or a setup. and btw, yamahas now ship with their own strings, which you'll want to change asap for better tone.
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Jazz III's are my pick of preference both for the electric as well as the acoustic. However, I would recommend learning how to finger pick on the acoustic as that will give you better control over dynamics and in my opinion it really brings out the sound of an acoustic better than a pick does. But each to their own, ofcourse.

Hope this helps,
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