Hello everyone. I have a quike question. I have an old line 6 spider 3 120watt. I wish to remove the speakers from it for a diffrent project i have going. I was wondering if i were to remove the speakers would the amp still function as long as headphones were plugged in? Or would it explode or somthing?

Yes i know how to remove the speakers :P Im jsut wondering becasue as much as I dont like my spider's tone, it makes for a great home practise amp at night.
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Does plugging in the headphones normally disconnect the speaker?
If so, it would be okay to remove the speaker and just use it with headphones.

But it is not good to run an amp with no load on it.
hmm so as long as I have headphones, or a least a 1/4" jack, it should be fine? no one is using sept me so it should be safe from others hands
A jack that is connected to nothing would be bad.
The speaker has a certain resistance to it, usually 4ohms, 8ohm, or 16ohms. The same is true for headphones. Without resistance, too much current can flow through the amp and fry it. So running an amp with no speakers or headphones is bad news bears.
I figured a smuch. what i ment was what if i just left the headphones plugged in to the jack for the rest of eternity. (or atlest untill its turned off)
You might want to get a decent-sized power resistor of the appropriate resistance and wire it to the speaker jack just as a safety measure. Obviously you won't get a 120W resistor, but a 10W resistor or something would provide a little room for error as long as you notice "oh shit I unplugged the headphones."
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Ok thanks for the info and tips guys thats all i needed to know. That and if the world is going to end in 2012. If so then i have alot to do :P