First off, don't move this thread, because the riff is hardly original and I really don't want feedback on the song, just the guitar tone. I've been using revalver but I wanted to try recording my amp so I used one of my drummer's shure tom mics (because I don't have an sm57).

My amp is a marshall valvestate vs100, not expensive by any stretch but sounds good live IMO. Settings on the amp were:

Mids-6-7 (I like them that high mind you)

Power dimension was on (probably doesn't mean anything to people that don't have the amp) and post processing was just high/lowpass at 100hz and 10khz.

Bass is Revalver and my shit bass.

Also, sorry for my semi-sloppy playing and/or only playing 2 notes haha. The latter is because I was in the same room as my amp and couldn't really hear the metronome well so this is all I could salvage.

Anyway, tell me what you think of the tone/mix. Thanks in advance for criticism and comments.

or in my profile if you want or the link doesn't work for you or something.
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I'd drop the gain and highs a bit. The tone is really thin.
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