Hello. This is a song I am in progress with writing I guess. It's really experimental because it's way out of my normal comfort zone, I was wondering if it's any good?

And please, for the love of god, no "this is metalcore b/c of 1 riff" comments. Hope you enjoy, if not, just say so. C4C as always!~
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Honestly, it does sound like metalcore. I don't see where there is any death metal influence in this piece.

The intro was.. bad. I don't know, I just skipped to the pedal riff, it wasn't listenable.

The pedal riff is good, I find the triplets could be used a bit more effectively maybe, having them in every bar is kind of redundant.

The next part needs drums in vocals to be the least bit exciting so I'll leave it alone.

Good start, I'd add in a drum track and definitely play with the intro.
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^I agree.

The intro definitely needs to be a different instrument. it just sounded like mush with the 3 guitars playing it.

Next riff was decent, but as said before if you switch it up it would sound better. if you have trip, something different, something different from before, something different again from the others, then repeat it would sound good.

The whole bar powerchords were cool, but you definitely need drums for that part. the progression sounded pretty good.

Definitely needs work, but in time I think it'll end up being good.

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