Critiquing as I listen. Very very nice intro, it gives me a very 70s kinda feeling. I think it might the tones, this is soooo awesome. I could totally fall asleep to this. Wow, nice solo, I think it starts at the 1 minute mark or somewhere around that. I really like the tones you use here. Ahh nice, the solo/lead line in the right ear was brilliant. This is sorta progressive dude and that's great. Oh damn, there was just one thing, at one part around 2:56, the guitar sounds a bit out of tune. But that can be fixed easily! GREAT JOB! VERY NICE! 8/10

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Cool 70's like intro as stated above. Feel like I should be setting around in a pot-smoke filled room. Like the use of the wah on some of those guitar licks. Solo sounds pretty improv'ed, I think it might be cool to try a more musically phrased solo, possibly write a few parts, and improv between them.

All in all, really cool. I could imagine something like this being in a movie soundtrack somewhere, possibly in a drug induced scene. Sweet stuff dude.
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