I am going to replace the P-100 pickups on my '93 LP Special for some P-90s (I know the P-90s are a really old bit of kit now, but I just love the sound they kick out!)

Anyway, is it best to get some Gibson ones, or go third party with some Seymour Duncan's or similar?

(EDIT: oh and if I do go third party, I'm assuming I don't want ones that get rid of the traditional "hum" am I right? since by eliminating this you also eliminate some of the character and tone of the pickup?)
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You can get stacked P90s that will sound a little different to standard P90s but without the hum. They still sound like P90s though.
SD's P90s are meant to be pretty good.
But if you "stack" 2 P-90s... don't you get a P-100?

I thought thats basically what they were, 2 coils with opposing polarity?
Gibson P90s are an excellent pick-up, and always a good choice, but there are many other good options too. I have Kent Armstrong Dog eared P90s in my hollow body, and they're awesome and probably more cost effective thean the Gibbys. I also reccomend TV Jones pick-ups.
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Quote by SooTyLaD
But if you "stack" 2 P-90s... don't you get a P-100?

I thought thats basically what they were, 2 coils with opposing polarity?

Thats Gibsons stacked P90, yeah, but they arent that great. Other stacked P90s, like Seymour Duncans P90 Stack, are a lot better sounding than Gibsons P100s.
Over the years, Gibson has put out a lfew different P-90s. They started with A2 magnets, have had A3, A4 and A5 ones, each with its own subtle difference. If its the nice P90 'quack' you want, go with an A5 magnet. Most pickup companies supply these though I have a special liking for the Irongear Platinum 90 for performance against cost.
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I'd be interested to hear what you reckon to a combination of the SD SP-90 1 Vintage pickup at the neck and an SD SP-90 2b Hot pickup at the bridge?

Might give me some cool flexibility with the tone no? Either way I would have thought it'd be a nice improvement over my P-100s...
Actually, out of those two, wouldn't you want the vintage at the bridge since it's the more "twangy" pickup? Either way, what do you all reckon to the combo? Any other make of P90 you'd recommend?
I've got a pair of Guitarfetish p90s in my '59 special and they sound great.