I've done a few searches and I can't seem to find an answer to my query, so here goes.
I'm co-running a guitar ensemble this coming year at Uni. For one of our 1st semester performances we need a "classical" piece that has either a Christmas or winter theme. At the moment I'm finding it difficult to find anything suitable, though I know I'll probably have to re-arrange something.

There is another problem though. This is the first time anything like this has been tried at my institution, and as such, I have no idea how many people will want to be involved. My current thinking is to find a piece for quartet, then simply double up the parts if needs be.

There are, of course, some obvious pieces to try - the first thing that came to my head was the "Winter" section of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons", but this may be too difficult to pull off as I'm not sure of the abilities of the people that will be joining the group.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, particularly from those who have been in a guitar ensemble before, even better if the piece has been arranged for guitar already (less work for me).

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