I'm an acoustic guitarist looking for an Distortion Pedal.

Ideally I want something with an expression pedal, so you can control the gain with your foot.

Something akin to the old Boss PD 1

What can ya'll suggest?

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I don't know if it can control the amount of distortion, or if you can even have the distortion on without the other effects, but maybe look at the Digitech EX7. It has all the distortion units from the Digitech Distortion Factory, which are alright from what I hear, plus it has a a few expression pedal controlled effects.

EDIT: No scrap that, you can't use the distortions on their own. Or control them with the wah. Failage. I guess if push comes to shove and you're really amazingly willing for the idea, you could somehow link the gain pot of a distortion onto a volume pedal or some other expression pedal.
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A third hand pedal would do what you want


You can use it to control practically any control on any pedal.
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Thats genius! Shame its abit pricey but it's exactly what i was looking for!

Cheers Sampy!
Gibson, Martin, Orange, Apple.