Well... not much to say about it, fast, a little f^^ed up in some places..
Although some riffs are pretty cool i think.
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Hi! I have just listened to your song, and I must say that I liked it. The drums sound very low (even though i finally heard them well when i listened to the track again with headphones... ) , but whatever, for most of the riffs are interesting (especially the one coming at 1:07 and that keeps coming back afterwards, which I find catchy). As for the solo, it fits well the accompaniment and is pretty nice. In short, an overall good piece of work.

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Critting as I listen: Intro's pretty cool. Neat little harmony into the next riff. Sounds real Metallica-esqe to me pretty much from everything I've heard. 2 minutes in, sounds very repetitive. Obviously vocals would help break up the monotony. Beginning of the third minute is cool with the stop riff and harmony. Solo is pretty good too, think there are some parts that could be improved on, maybe different phrasing.

All in all, pretty cool old school sounding track. A little monotonous, but I'm sure vocals over this would probably alieviate that. Even with vocals though, IMO, I'd try to throw in a different part somewhere to keep it from being to predictable and repetitive.
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Nice track here. I like your guitar tone although it is a little lo-fi in quality, but i did generally like how everything sounded. Maybe the drums were a little weak, with a genre like thrash the drums need to be hard-hitting and punchy, but it wasn't bad by any means. Nice riffs, i agree with the guy that said it gets a little repetitive. Maybe cut down the length of the sections? Or add in guitar harmonies, lead sections, things like that over the top. Or sometimes just changing the drum pattern can do a hell of a lot in avoiding repetitiveness if you wanna leave the guitars as they are. (If this track was intended to have vocals over the top, ignore all of that haha). The best part for me was the bridge/ending section with the solo, really nice solo btw. Especially the very end of it with the tremolo picking and harmonies. So yeah basically all i'd say you need to work on is sound quality and repetitiveness, otherwise you got a great sounding thrash track here, good job dude

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