So, my problem is that the G string on my electric guitar sounds a little sharp when played on any fret. I use a guitar tuner to see how accurate the note is.
I've carefully tuned it to G, and it sounds fine open. However when I play some frets on the G string, the notes are a little sharp. For example, everytime I play double stops, i.e. if I play the 3th string 10th fret, 4th string 10th fret together, it sounds wrong because the G string 10th fret sounds sharp.
I also played a natural harmonic on the G string, 12th fret, and it's perfectly on G. So I don't know if it's the intonation or anything...

So what might the problem be, and how can I fix it? I've searched and all I got is that the groove in the nut might be set too high for the G string, but I want to make sure what else it might be wrong before I try fixing it.

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It could be just a faint buzz, check to see if the string is making contact with any frets
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Also remember that the natural harmonic is just going to be a harmonic of whatever the string is tuned to open. So, if you have it tuned to G, the natural harmonic at the 12th fret will read the same. What you want to compare (after all strings are tuned to the pitch you want) check the natural harmonic at the twelve with the actual fretted note at the twelve. If the fretted note is higher or lower than the harmonic, you need to adjust the saddles.
^^That is one method but according Dane Erlewine and some other prominent Luthiers, the best method is open string and fretted 12th fret note. No harmonics used.
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