Well... the title says it all really. I need to give my solo's a boost (not a volume boost) and need them to be smoother and clearer. I play a EX-50 through a Blackstar HT-5 mini stack. I usually play the amp cranked. I have created some other threads talking about different pedals and have decided I'm stuck between these 2 since I only have about £40 to spend. I play mainly Heavy metal (Metallica, Iron maiden) I know these pedals are both quite good so which one is best for what I need?

So your saying the TS would be better for what I need. I will not use it for anything other than boosting solo's. I know Kirk uses a TS9 for his solo's (don't know what Iron maiden use) so I think I will probably go for the TS7 especially if it's smoother and has more mids
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my simple take

TS = added mids, nice tone, great for rock and thrash
BM = very little mids, clean boost works great, better for metal imo, cheaper, both treble and bass EQ


I've owned both pedals and I'd say this is fairly accurate. I kept the TS7 though...I love the mid hump on it. The hot feature is pretty useless, but it's essentially a TS9 in a cheaper enclosure. I just think the TS7 kept my sound tighter...but both are great budget boosts IMO though..
Well the TS7 sounds better for a solo boost. Probably buy that one then! Thanks for the help!
I just sold my HT-5 head last night. One thing I noticed about the HT-5 is that a boost or OD on the distortion channel is not very effective. Before the guy came to buy it I thought I would put an OD pedal in front and let him try it out. But it was so pointless that I passed. Between a TS7 and a MXR Distortion+ I found the hot setting on the TS7 was about the only thing that even had an affect.

IMO an OD on the HT-5 is best used with the clean channel so that you can have two different types of distortion on tap plus the clean. The TS7 can be found cheap and it's a decent pedal.
UKMaster - yeah if you need mids and a better Drive tone then get the tube screamer. If you don't want any more mids, and won't be using the pedal for drive (ie clean boost) then the bad monkey is the way.

fly135 - you are wanted in this thread sorry UKMaster.

v....I don't get any Hiss timi and it is running off of a 1Spot with a Wah on one side and Muff on the other
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The bad monkey is one of the noisiest pedal I've ever owned. It's good at what it does, but the hiss is awful.
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I haven't had too many noise issues with my bad monkey pedal, mine is a few years old and was actually made in the US??
I also own a TS7 and have modded it to TS808 specs. It's not very hard to do and there are lots of places to get the info to mod it. But as is, it's pretty good. My two cents on the issue at hand are as follows:
TS7= Good tube screamer variant. Lots of Mid range and the hot feature I find pretty useful. It can get noisy if you go too high with the gain.
Bad monkey= Similar in overall tone but with more bottom. Plus you have the ability to tweak the tone more.
For the money ...go with a Bad monkey...but always taste test.
Ok so the best thing I could do is try a pedal through my amp in a guitar store first to see if it makes a difference?
No they won't have those pedals otherwise I would straight away. I just meant because someone said OD pedals don't really make a difference to the sound so I could try one or two OD pedals and see how much difference it makes
They have the Blackstar overdrive pedal. They don't really do pedals so I couldn't really tell you what else they have.
But.... listening to vid clips on youtube the pedal does make a bit of difference and I only need it to do solo's so it doesn't need to be very different just has to have a bit of a different tone for clearer and smoother distortion
Cool. Yeah, I've heard a lot of good things on the Blackstar OD pedal but I have not tried one yet and they are a bit more pricey. The Danelectro Cool Cat OD is supposed to be nice too. Fulltone makes great OD pedals as does MXR.

I think IbanezPsycho has a Blog on this topic that you might find helpful.

Looks like you are well on your way....good luck.
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The bad monkey is one of the noisiest pedal I've ever owned. It's good at what it does, but the hiss is awful.

Mine isn't very noisy at all. Sounds to me like you might have some kind of problem with yours, or elsewhere in your rig, seeing as a boost will serve to amplify any latent noise hiding.

OP, the Blackstar pedals running into the HT-5 is kind of like buying a Plexi-in-a-box pedal to run into a Marshall - i.e. redundant.

As has already been said, Bad Monkey is slightly more transparent than the TS7, but still has a bit of a mids boost. There are mods to take that out but personally I like the slight bit of boost it DOES have. The TS7 is a better overdrive unit, but I don't think the Bad Monkey's gain sounds all that bad.
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Oddly enough, with my Bad monkey in front of my Line six Pod 2.0 I can get a fairly convincing Eric Johnson Cliffs of dover sound.
I have both the Bad Monkey and the TS7.

To me they pretty much sound the same except the Bad Monkey has the added versatility of 2-band EQ.

Some people complain of loss of low end when kicking on their Tubescreamers. The Bad Monkey solves this problem with the LOW and HI EQ knobs.

Like I said, they both sound pretty much the same to me. It's that warm overdrive tone that still sounds exactly like your guitar. And works great to push your amp into higher gain without changing your overall tone.
"Some people complain of loss of low end when kicking on their Tubescreamers. The Bad Monkey solves this problem with the LOW and HI EQ knobs. "

That's exactly what I was trying to think of a way to say! Good point. I do think the "hot" feature is kinda cool to have on the TS7
Hmm, sounds like they are both great for the money so I will buy one of em. The bad monkey sounds like more value for money since you have more tone options because of the 2 band eq but the Tubescreamer is.... well.... a Tubescreamer! Lol. I will probably buy the bad monkey. Thanks for all the help guys! You are all great!