I have a Line 6 Spider II 75W 1x12 which serves me well in most of what I do and in combination with a few stomp boxes gives me a sound I am happy with. However I am starting to do some bigger gigs and some recording, and the direct out from the amp (which I need to use for a couple of the effects and the EQ I don't have pedals for yet) cuts the sound off to the speaker which then makes it completely useless for me to hear myself. I am not looking for loads of advice about monitors and such, I've worked in studios and live pro-audio before on the desk side, I know the ins and outs.

What I am wondering is if there is a way of modding the circuitry so that it links the Direct Out in parallel with the speaker output, rather than as a bypass.

Many thanks in advance for any help, even if it's just to say it's not possible, I know the circuitry inside the line 6 amps are like something out of a sci-fi movie.
are you looking for an effects loop?
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Ummmm.....what are you using the Direct Out for?

From what I understand you are plugging your amp straight into the PA.

If thats correct that must sound like a Line 6 Spider......oh wait!
Surely, if you "worked in studios and live pro-audio before on the desk side", you'd know using a mic instead of the DI would be 10x better? Let alone solve your problem?
Quote by Ultragoose
...using a mic instead of the DI would be 10x better? Let alone solve your problem?

This, exactly. Mic-ing the amp instead of DI-ing, especially playing live, sounds a whole heap better! As long as you have a decent mic for it.
yes... I know micing is better, however I don't currently have the ability to set it up, and the systems I'm working with at the moment certainly don't have decent mics. I just want to be able to hear myself through my own combo and still run out to a sound system.
Where are you playing that 75 watts is not loud enough? And if a place is that big, shouldn't they have one extra mic and input for a guitar amp?
Tell your drummer to turn down a bit.

But honestly, what is happening is that your direct output has a jack that "breaks normal". Meaning it opens the original connection with the speaker. You would have to replace that with a normal jack wired in parallel but then you're probably looking at some impedance problems and some other problems I'm sure I'm not qualified enough to think of.
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there are to wires going to the speaker take the output from there. Don't disconnect those wires from the speaker though leave them there.