Hey guys, I got a new guitar yesterday, as an early birthday present. But anyway I chose the Dean Dime Razorback db, but I heard that the razorbacks are budget models, is this true? Oh and there was at the back of the neck ( noticed it afterwards ) a "made in china" sticker. Should I worry about this? How can I spot a fake Dean guitar? I would really really apprciate the help guys I`m really stoked about the new guitar but also a bit worried at the same time.
Thanks man hehe, I am happy man, just bothered me a little bit. Just to make sure by "legit enough" did you mean it`s not fake man? because I can`t really see the point in such a big place selling fake guitars
Most of the guitars out there are made in China, Japan, Indonesia etc ...
Nothing to worry about
Cool thank you guys I really appreciate it . A friend told me just now too that if it has a serial number at the back of the head it`s real, and it has so thats awesome hehe. Thanks again everyone