I want to film a cover of Sweet Child O Mine by Guns N Roses and I came here for your help. I can't get the right sound from my Korg AX5G. I will be recording from the pedal's output to pc.I have a shitty amp. Thanks in advance everyone.
Well, it has speaker simulation, so you could hook it up to your soundcard's line-in. (I assume it can output at line-level? Does it have a line-out, headphones-out or is the volume of the output adjustable?)

Don't use your soundcard's mic-in. The signal will either be really quiet or it'll distort like hell.

Then you can just use Audacity (google it) or similar programs to record. Heck, even the standard windows recorder will work.

Warning: It will probably sound pretty bad anyway, because your soundcard's not meant for recording purposes and because the AX5G is a fairly low-end piece of equipment.
Thank you but that is not what I meant. I need to get the slash sound out of my pedal. Recording is not a problem I recorded previous covers and the audio quality was really good.Cover
I need some advice on what effects to combine on that korg. Thank you in advance.
Found some modified them and got close. I will experiment some more and see what I can do. Someone close this thread