Poll: What's your favorite eyeglass frame brand?
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View poll results: What's your favorite eyeglass frame brand?
1 50%
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Dolce & Gabbana
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Polo / Ralph Lauren
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Giorgio Armani
1 50%
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Voters: 2.
I went to pick out my first pair of glasses today (I should have gotten them when I was like five, my eyes are pretty terrible). I got some Prada frames, they're black with some kind of design on them, but they're pretty cool.

So Pit, what's your favorite frame brand? Poll coming.

EDIT: Forgot to add Boss :/
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I picked out my first pair of glasses a couple of days ago after randomly deciding I wanted to get an eye test, got Ray-Ban frames. I wasn't picking by brand, just those ones suited me the most.
fcuk have some pretty good designs. I don't wear glasses myself but it would just be the pair that suits best, not the brand.