Hello I currently am playing off a B-52 LS-100. However, when I bought the amp I bought the higher quality cabinet with the celestion vintage 30s. My plan was to get a cheap head and a quality cabinet and when the day comes I need something better I will have saved up more money to buy a better head and not worry about the cab. Well my band is now playing in decent sized places and I am wanting better tone. We play metal but we soemtimes play other softer genres. So I am wanting a versetile amp. I want to go as cheap as I can though I realize that conflicts with quality. At a max i want to spend $500-600. I considered a 5150 but the cleans dont impress me to well. I have considered lower wattage amps like some of the egnators out there but I do not knkow if they will be loud enough for me. Any reccomendations?
We do some August Burns Red, Metallica, Lamb of God. We also do some classic rock and even occasinally some techno. Not sure if those are softer genres but its all i could think of to describe it. We write a lot of our own music also and we tend to mix the genres together.
50 Watts tube is loud enough to fill many if not most gigs, and it will give you the opportunity to crank whatever tube amp you end up purchasing which is when tube amps sound best. Going with a lower wattage amplifier means more amplifiers will be in your price range. That's just my opinion.
well, depending on where you are in TX (austin, dallas, san antonio, houston) I bet you can find a great metal amp head for $600ish on craigslist that can do those bands and also give you some decent low gain and cleans. Also check your local GC used dept.

report back if you find some stuff and we can give you a further opinion. What do you think of the tube version B52s the AT and ATX?
Can you reccommend any good 50w tube amp heads? I am looking around on craigslist but I havnt found anything too interesting yet. I live in the north dfw area. I like the tube B-52 but thats only from what ive heard on youtube. My local guitar center does not have one apparently, and I dont see many show up on craigslist. Ive looked around craigslist for a while.
What about the Bugera 333 and 6262 on there? There is also a Carvin Legacy and MTS and a Marshall DSL and TSL. I'm wondering about that Peavey Penta but it is ss I think (doesn't mean it is bad - peavey makes pretty good SS amps). I also see a Vypyr 60 but is is a combo. There are several other combos worth looking at if you are interested like that Ampeg Jet City or Crate 50. I also see a Randall RG 100. Mesa Boogie Nomad

anything else listed on there is probably a no go.

I would also seriously consider a 6505+112. It has above average cleans imo for a cheap metal combo.
Yeah I just now saw some of those amps. For some reason I skipped over some of those. Im really thinking about the bugera 6262. I know its a lot like a 5150 but I actually prefer the bugera over the peavey. Maybe im just odd. Anyways thanks for the help man. Yeah I have played some of the peavey solid states and I thoguht they were really nice, but im looking for a tube. What can you tell me about those marshalls? Oddly enough I dont know much about Marshalls models. I know its not representative of what mosto f their products are like but I played an MG and it turned me off of marshall completely.