So ive decided on buying the schecter damien elite fr, and am stuck choosing between the black (not the see thru black) and the dark metallic blue. I noticed on the pictures of the black one the fret inlays dont have a blue tint to them but on the blue one they look very blue.....i couldnt tell if it was the angle but if anyone knows if the black ones still have the blue stained glass looking fret inlays that would be helpful.
I'm actually planning to buy the same guitar! Only in Red :P I saw that very same blue one and a red one, and I'm sure that the blue one doesn't have blue looking inlays. It was right there in the window, so.. Although you're right about the pictures looking like they have a slight blue tint to them. But it might also be that they indeed add a little color to them, to make them fit better to the body. But anyway, those inlays look cool in any color you might see, and the overall difference to the guitar isn't huge, so I'd say that you just go for the body you like most, as that's something you see a lot better
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