My tone is kind of shaping up how I want it.
But ever since I got my new amp one of the larger parts of my playing is ruining my tone, and that is controling my sound with the guitar's volume knob (to go from lead to rhythm to clean (or just lead to rhythm if already on my clean sound).
I coud kind of live with this problem with my Laney amp as they are naturally very bright, but my Cornford Roadhouse 30 isn't as bright so the problem is really annoying me as I can't get my sound at all how I need it.

I assume the problem is my guitars as opposed to my gear (though my Boss ME50 does suck tone like a bitch, though it's going to be gone ASAP).
One guitar is a Carvin Bolt-T so a strat style guitar, the other is an Ibanez S470.
I'm not sure if the problem would be with the pots or with the capacitator?

Anyway, any solutions?

The volume pedal involves a lot more money and I'm terrible with accuracy when it comes to expression pedals!

But thanks for the treble bleed diagram I'll take a look into it.
^that. put a .001uF capacitor across lugs 1 (the grounded lug) and 2 of the volume pot. that's it.

wiring thread has a couple of versions of the treble bleed mod on the first page.