Ok so i hate my amp. i have a line six spider 3 and it is the worst piece of dump ever. Im looking to upgrade but im not sure what i should get. I know i want a tube combo but their are so many to choose from and im not sure if i want to spend a whole lot of money because i want a new guitar also, so you can kinda see my delema. What would you recommend that's also not too expensive?
I have the exact same thing mut its not that bad. It makes a good bedroom amp
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dont get me wrong its very reliable and has alot of stuff to it but id prefer something that had better tone/and in general sound better.
Hey man,
All depends what your price range is exactly. I used to rock my Tele through a Line6 Flextone IIIXL so I totally appreciate the conevnience they offer in terms of being able to dial up various tones quickly but I didn't really like how it sounded when I recorded with it, DSP and modelling is just never going to be the same as genuine tube circuitry.
I'm a big Fender and blues nut so I bought the Fender Blues Deluxe which I think cost me about $600? A lot of money but then it's a lot of amp and of course it has that gorgeous tweed covering that epitomises Fender's heritage. I love the amp and would totally recommend it, with its chicken head knobs, toggle switches and spring reverb. Love it.

I've also been checking out the Marshall Class 5 lately which is probably about $450. I's love to get one to broaden my options as I can't really get that Clapton Les Pau souls sound on the Blues Deluxe. It looks like a baby blues breaker and sounds totally amazing given that it's only a 5W amp. Check it out on YouTube.

Hope that helps!
my budget is around paying 200$ my self and around 300 as a christmas gift so 500$ (wow that sounded dumb) i play a mix of everything so something versitle would help and i live in new jersey.
@jimiclapton i actually looked at that online yesterday and i was considering it as an option