I was looking at getting a BC Rich Kerry King V with a Kahler Tremolo. I've read different opinions on the Kahler system but most of them sound good. Has anybody here used one? I don't wanna get all excited for this guitar if the tremolo isn't worth a damn, cuz I wanna be doin divebombs left and right, haha. need something that won't take my strings outta tune and I've never heard of a Kahler tremolo until seeing this guitar.
Infact I think slayer use them in order to try and stay in tune more when doing that sort of thing xD
Lol opinions above
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Kahler is about as good as floyd rose, but will have a smoother feel, I personally dont no y floyd is doing better (wait i do, cuz EVH popularized them, no guitarist was as big as Eddie who endorsed kahler, xept kfk jeff hanneman and Mustaine) But there was a time they were around equally as popular (floyd was still more) I personally prefer feel of the kahler, i just dont no any guitars that i want that also happen to have one
Kahlers are smoother feeling for sure. But they don't stay in tune quite as well as a FR based design. They also have a lot of little pieces that can wear down or go missing over time. Still, I have a project I'm going to put one on as the feel is nice, and they don't impact the tone as much as a Floyd as they don't take a lot of wood out of the guitar.

They were fairly popular in the 80s (first year Japanese Charvels shipped with them) but their high cost and stability issues lead to diminished popularity and the company going out of business at some point in the early to mid 90s. They're back though and sell two lines; their Pro series and the Hybrid ($160) ish. I have no idea about the differences in them, but the Flyer was the lower end version back in the day and used cheaper metals, so the Hybrid is probably similar in that respect.
A lot of it has to do with personal opinion, I prefer the FR because I like the way it feels and looks better.

They'll both work for what you want, you just need to play on both and decide which one you prefer.
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