i've been playing for a bit now. i can play random parts of songs and i know chords. i can play hurt-johnny cash, welcome home-c&c, and playin around with hallelujah-jeff buckley. i'm having trouble picking songs that i can play and enjoy. i know E Em G A Am C D Dm and a few more chords. i like songs with feeling. i love jimi hendrix but i feel like thats out of my league for now any help though? i like chill bluesy kinda songs. i never really listened to much blues so i don't know many songs but i ilove the grime and emotion in the music. i learn fast!
Hey ;D
i been through the same kinda stage as you, not really knowing what to play, but tbh, if you only stick with things you know you can play, you wont really get very far because you aren't challenging yourself.
Challenge yourself, so you get to know more chords, and like make sure you KNOW the chords, so like you could get quite and easy song, and know the chords straight off.
i mainly look on the 'top 100 tabs' then select chords, and then i go and see what songs i actually know, and then try and learn them
but others i quite like to play are:
(the only exception - paramore)

(wonderwall - oasis)

(im yours - jason mraz)

(american pie - don maclean)

(how to save a life - the fray)

(bad romance - lady gaga)

(mad world - gary jules)

(little house - amanda seyfried)

(the show - lenka)

(hazy - rosi golan)

(anyone else but you - moldy peaches)

(viva la vida - coldplay)

some may not be your taste in music, but some arent mine either, they are just for the learning, and once you know chords, you can pretty much play anything
keep it up, and challenge yourself
have fun
amber x
Also i can give you some songs

Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morison
Good Riddance - Green Day
Zombie - The Cranbiers
Let it be
No women No cry
Father and son
I'm Gonna To do it