It's driving me crazy! I had almost no fret buzz with a set of 11 strings, then i changed to set of 9's and it buzzed like hell.. so i decided to do a little setup for lighter gauge (truss rod, raising action, etc..) but nothing helps!
It's buzzing on almost every fret on the 3 lowest strings (no buzz on 1-5 frets ).
What could it be? Could it be the nut since it's a crappy plastic one? Could it be the frets? though it played fine with 11 set so i don't see why that would be the problem.

My guitar has fixed bridge with strings trough body if that helps... Raising the action did not take the buzz away, it only reduced it
9's will naturally give you more buzz then 11's but then how much buzzing you're getting is tough to say. If you can hear it in the amp then thats not good, if you can't then its fine. You could be anal and expect no buzzing whatsoever but then thats very difficult to achieve with 9's.
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What guitar do you have?

By the way, what DSOTM80 said, if you cannot hear the buzz through the amp, then it's probably fine.
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